Reflective clothing - vests, jackets, coats, and vests for dogs.

What is FLASHION wear?

FLASHION wear is a new clothing brand, who stands for FASHION and FLASH ON - safety with fashion. Our goal is to make fashionable and functional clothing who improves the safety in road traffic of city streets.

Reflective Vest

First what's coming in mind hearing reflective vest is construction workers. It's very important been seen form long distance, especially when you are walking on the street during darkness.  But what to do if you don't want look like construction worker or police officer?  We have solution. With creative abilities and passion for functionality we created a new version of reflective vest.

Reflective vest

Why it's So special?

It is not only about the look - it is about the functionality.

1. It's TRANSFORMABLE - One vest can be worn in more than 6 different ways. You can change it based on weather conditions.

It can be a long vest and a short vest at the same time. If it's cold and windy you can use the longer, tighter version of it, if it's raining, change it for a hoodie version, but if it's too warm for you, change it for open version.  See the video instruction.

2. STYLE - Finally no more awkward feelings about your look. For all those different versions, they all look good and stylish.

3. SAFETY features - One thing is the look, but another thing is safety. It is very important to care about your own safety and that's why we made reflective parts big enough to been seen for a long distance.

4. MATERIAL options - For cold seasons we offer warm and soft fabrics, like wool, for rainy and windy seasons - water resistant and waterproof fabrics, but for warm seasons - light and breathable materials.

5. UNISEX - It doesn't matter if you are a man or a woman, it looks good on bought of you!

transforming reflective vest

Don't worry - wearing instruction is included. See the video instruction here.

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Reflective Jacket.

What to do if it's too hot for layer clothing? And you want to wear only one clothing for outdoor activities? We have the solution - Reflective vest with sleeves - REFLECTIVE JACKET.

The same transformable vest with so many wearing variations is available now with different lengths of sleeves.

There are sometimes when it's hard to tell what kind of weather conditions will I have in one day? You don't have to be an augur for it. The reflective jacket is a perfect solution for this problem because it is always nice to be prepared for any weather conditions.

Reflective jacket

Check out our fabric variations of Reflective jacket our online store.

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Reflective Cape

Reflective cape

Use it only when you need it.

Have you ever cached the thought - It would be more safe if I had something reflective right now!?

Reflective cape is perfect for quick use.  It is compact when folded and can be quickly adjusted when it is necessary. It can storage easily in bag and always carried with you. And no more worries about your safety.

The cape is transformable. There is at-least 3 wearing variations.
1) Simple Cape version
2) Bolero Jacket version
3) The Tighter version and even skirt version (4. version)

Fold it and hold it!

Transforming reflective cape

Check out the video instruction here.

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Reflective Belt

Reflective belt, sash

Functional accessory

Easy wearing Reflective Belt can be a nice accessory for your coat and other clothing.
Take care of yourself or your friends on city streets. Flash On with some reflective accessories in pedestrian crossings and have the respect there.

A gift for a friend.

It is a perfect present for your love ones. Show that you care about there safety!

FLASHION wear reflective belt

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