Reflective vest for dog, dog rain coat.Reflective Vest for Dog

Is your pet noticeable to others?

Many dog owners have been into a situation where the pet becomes invisible during the darkness. Particularly dangerous is the situation when the pet is near to the intense traffic. For drivers it is easier to be able to slow down the vehicle if they see someone who is using reflectors and are visible from long distance. 

It is very important to be noticed by other road users, especially when the dog is walking near to roadsides!

We are producing reflective clothing for dog or cat according to your pet sizes or our size chart.

We will produce reflective clothing according to the parameters you give, according the size of your pet. The clothing will be suitable for the pet and it will more visible in the dark.

Costume made order

We offer custom clothing order for the dog. You just need to measure the dog and we produce the clothing just for them.

For costume order and please measure your dog, fill the form. After that we will make the offer for you and contact with you.

View Fabrics / Choose the Right One

Check out the fabric we offer and chose the color of it.

What is the difference between waterproof fabric from a water-repellent fabric?

The waterproof fabric will not allow water or air to pass through, which means that on a very windy and rainy day the dog will feel good, but in very hot day the non-breathable fabric will become sweaty.

On the other hand, the water-repellent fabric will have good air permeability, the dog will not sweat, but in prolonged rain, the clothes can let moisture through.

Fabric "Galant" - water repellent,

Fabric "Oxford" - waterproof,

Fabric "Balteks" - water repellent.


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